The Sunday Scoop 12.27.20

The Sunday Scoop 12.27.20


Bellanova, One VoiceThis is a beautiful rendition of the Maroon 5 song “Memories” by the One Voice Children’s Choir.  It is so poignant for this time, where many of us are missing loved ones.  Grab a tissue.


6 Winter Solstice Rituals – After the buzz of the holidays, the days can feel long, and dare I say, depressing.  I know I sometimes struggle with the sun setting so early and the feeling of isolation that is only confounded by the state of the world right now. 

Having seasonal rituals and ways to celebrate this change, a Danish concept known as Hygge, has helped me tremendously and has me appreciating the slower pace and quieter times.  This article provides a few simple ways to begin that practice. 



Decor – I believe wreaths are a year round thing, and there are lots of great options outside of the traditional holiday variety.

My dear friend gifted me with this gorgeous magnolia wreath for Christmas, and I will keep it up as long as I physically can.  I always find there is a bit of a let down after the holidays, and continuing to surround myself with beautiful things helps the transition.

I love this company, their customer service is fabulous and their ground shipping is free if you’re in the U.S.  I will definitely be purchasing another come spring, though if properly cared for these will last you years.  I highly recommend!


Skincare – I’ve been cleansing with facials oils over the last couple of months since the temperature has dropped and love the way they keep my skin hydrated and fresh.  This one in particular is a gem and has become one of my most beloved products.


Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies – I know, I know… you’ve been eating cookies for weeks.  I have too.  However, I have to have something sweet every night with my tea so I love to some healthy baked goods around at all times.  These cookies are often in the rotation, and will be what I’m baking when I want to lighten things up around here, but still need my cookie fix.  

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