Hi Friends!

I’m Kathleen, the cook, recipe developer, and writer behind CatwithaK. I grew up in Cheshire, CT and after life took me through New England, down South, up to NYC and up further to Toronto, I met my husband and now live in Rowayton, CT. I am a wife and momma of two toddlers, a little girl named Coco and her older brother William, along with our fur rescue baby Calhoun. When I’m not changing diapers and running interference you will find me in my happy place – the kitchen. It’s my favorite place to be creative, and on days where I lose sight of the “me” beneath the runny noses and mud stained clothes and 15th round of the Frozen soundtrack, I am comforted knowing that I can greet myself again when I get in the kitchen.

After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC, I was blessed to have a truly wonderful career in food media and retail. I spent my first years as a Food Television Producer on The Martha Stewart Show, strategizing food segments with Chefs and visionaries I had read about and watched for years. Let’s just say there were a lot of “pinch me” moments. After developing recipes working on Martha Stewart’s retail food line, I moved to Toronto to work for Canada’s largest book retailer, Indigo. There I became a Sr. Food Buyer and scouted unique and exciting food products and developed recipes for Indigo’s private label food line. My professional career really solidified for me what I had felt in my heart all along, food is an incredibly powerful thing. Food has the ability to tell a story, to reach the heart and soul of another human being, and to bring them joy.

In 2014, I learned about the Whole 30 and being one to love a challenge, especially when it comes to food, I completed my first round and learned more about my body chemistry and how it relates to food. I learned that by limiting gluten I have more balanced energy through the day, by limiting dairy I have less bloat, and by limiting refined sugars my moods are stabilized (though my husband might have a slight protest on this one, I’m a Cancer, what can I say)? Though I do not follow a specific diet or completely restrict anything, 90% of what I eat is free of gluten and refined sugars so that’s most of what you’ll see here. With that said, what I want more than anything is for you to be inspired by my recipes, make them and love them, so I’ll always offer substitutions should they be of better use to you and your lifestyle. I believe in green smoothies and cinnamon rolls, sometimes at the same time, and that true wellness is about balance and inclusion.

To me, food is far more than just sustenance and far deeper than just pleasure. Food teaches us respect and empathy for each other and our backgrounds, and food is the gateway to community and connection. Since I was a girl, people have asked me the same question.

“Have you always loved to cook?”

And since I was a girl I have always had the same answer.

“Yes. I have always loved to cook because I have always loved people, and cooking is the best way I know of to love people.” So here on this blog I will dream, write, cook, and love, and I hope you will too.

xx K

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